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Apr 20, 2010 12:30am EDT
one of the darkest days in america's history. >> family members left flowers and ribbons at the site where the federal building in oklahoma city once stood. 15 years ago, today, hard to believe. timothy mcveigh set off a truck bomb in front of the building killing 168 people. >> and the right to bear arms takes center stage at a rally in washington d.c. today. the mission of the second amendment march is to petition politicians to stop passing anti-gun laws. the group called the right to own a gun, a right to protect everyone. >> it is not left versus right. black versus white. conservative versus liberal. none of that. it is us versus them. >> do we want a communist ring america and disarming us? no. do we want taken man square more waco and kent state university in our country? no. >> today's rally coincides with the anniversary of the revolutionary war battles at lexington and concord. the shot heard around the world. >> a new poll meantime shows americans are quickly losing faith in their government. the survey by the pew research center found only 22 percent of americans say the
Apr 7, 2010 12:30am EDT
question of the day. will the new nuclear policy keep america safe? so far 27 percent say yes. view 73 percent say no. daryl writes on facebook t makes this country look more submissive. and all we are doing is trying to sway the minds of terrorists. karen writes, i don't think it will help. we're already in trouble. >> well, chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with details of this very summer like steamy forecast. vytas. >> definitely more hot weather on the way tomorrow. looking at the 90s sticking around. and then big changes coming, as we start to cool down a bit as a front pushes in from the west. right now, hd skycam. downtown inner harbour. shows 79 degrees. just a few high thin clouds across the area. winds out of the south-southwest at eight. and humidity levels at 35 percent. we did gait few little breezy conditions through the afternoon as the temperatures were warming up. we could see that hot air continue to stick around. so stay in the shade. another hot day tomorrow. like i said, feeling like summer versus spring. as the temperatures are well into the lower 90s. high
Apr 25, 2010 6:30am EDT
through it. >> it also is an interesting situation because miss america was something i never aspired to be. i won the whole thing within six months. i was in college, majoring in musical theater then i was this image that completely changed my life. so when it all went away and i decided to resign and get on with my life t didn't take away any of my talent or drive but it changed a lot of perceptions. that was the biggest obstacle for me, to be taken seriously. you know, still, to this day, being respected, to me, is the gravy for me. >> you're quick to say your age. >> 46, yeah. >> you're quick to say you've been in the business x number of years. not that we couldn't count that. but here's the truth of the matter, vanessa, many people try to shy away from that. particularly females in this business. you don't seem to have struggled with it much if at all. have you. >> i celebrate it. i love the fact i've been in the business so long. on the set of "ugly betty" the young cast members come to me for advice. i live being the old, wise sage that i can have the answers for nursing what
Apr 9, 2010 12:30am EDT
of the westboro baptist church say that the disasters like this happen because of america's tolerance of gays. they made headlines of course here in maryland after protesting the funeral of a marine killed in iraq. their presence is not welcome in mount coal west virginia. >> best friend laying in that mine down there. they are after him right now. and they are going to come down here and protest it? saying that god has killed them guys? no, they better take themselves back to texas. and they better go now. >> well, the group plans to be in west virginia for the next few days. >> lively debate in annapolis on a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. bill would allow pharmacies to distribute small amounts of pot to patients with chronic or severe illnesses. marijuana is grown and regulated by the state. but today senators debated details of the program and whether pot would wind up inthe hands of patients that are not seriously ill. >> but mr. florida be honest this bill goes way, way, way beyond terminal cancer pain. we are talking about people going through agony. and pain. peop
Apr 11, 2010 6:30am EDT
america, history to a great degree has fallen by the wayside. >> not as much as i would like to see, i think. the thing that pops into my mind in discussion of how history is giving us context, i think the lack of history has had african-americans, young african-americans strive for things that are more acquainted with the american dream, getting wealth, being executives, having money, and then if you're not in a position where you feel like you can achieve those things, you may be achieving wealth in the ways that we see rappers and young people achieving wealth in items of clothing and jewelry and things like that, because they're not exposed to what historically has been achievement, so they are creating achievement out of what capitalism is giving them. for me, i think people are more so kind of obsessed with popular culture as it pertains to african-americans and how we have defined and ex-employmented our popular culture more so than our history in letting that define us. >> let me take a quick break and return with more right after this. >> i think we as adults kind of vetera
Apr 4, 2010 6:30am EDT
states of america. but because it was black slaves that rose up against white, we were ostracized for many years. and people keep talking about haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. we don't know how it became that poor. because it was buckled up for all those years. now that this catastrophe has allowed the local world to focus on haiti, i'm sure that they will not forget and that we'll put haiti back on its feet and i say in a piece that i wrote for the wall street journal, we want a marshall plan for haiti. i think a marshal plan will take some time and once we start it, we should keep it. >> you talk about taking some time. and though i will say that we have seen constraints that perhaps we would not see from others. you see the little hits on the news of those fighting for food and the like, but all in all, considering what has occurred, haitian people have been very calm through most of this. how do you keep the calm, remain calm, as the days, the months and the years go on? because it will take that long. washington, i've been working n with the congress and wit
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6